Saturday, November 24, 2007

the perfect storm

It is the perfect storm and I am in the eye...calmly and passively waiting for time to slowly pass. One week until Hawaii and there is so much on my mind. This blog will serve to document my changes as the scenery around my life alters rapidly through the next six months. From the deadening northern city winter to a tropical island and back. All the while contemplating my future and attempting to determine my place in the world. This week, I am just wrapping up the warm family gatherings of Thanksgiving while trying to put together the pieces of my graduate applications. I am faintly holding onto three jobs while preparing for my whirlwind adventure. Hawaii to Chicago then California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Utah to Chicago to London, Morocco, Spain, France, Italy (Rome again!), Prague, Amsterdam, Salzburg, Austria and then home and off to wherever I find myself for grad school.

Right now I am feeling overwhelmed by the change that is about to take place, and hoping I can finally mend some old wounds before I begin.

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