Friday, December 7, 2007

sunny hawaii

We arrived in Hawaii with bright spirits and high hopes, not knowing how much would be shattered as the week went on. Instead of describing all of the wonderful things I have encountered thus far, I am first going to focus on everything that could/did go wrong this entire week, in chronological order.
1. missing the bus by less than 5 seconds that took us from the airport
2. subsequently, waiting 40 minutes for a $30, 10 minute cab ride
3. alex finding an obese elderly man in his hostal room snoring as he were choking and calling for his life
4. waiting outside to figure out what to do about the snoring man, it started pouring rain on us, and that was the beginning of a rain storm that didn't stop the entire time
5. trying to take the bus to walmart the next day and getting on the wrong one that only took us about a block closer, then having to walk in a nasty part of town with the dirt and mud slinging up onto my legs from the ground
6. finally making it to the beach and it is cold and windy and overcast and the sun sets within 20 minutes of being there
7. getting up early the next morning to go to the beach and it is too cold/stormy/windy to swim. great. just great. but hope is still alive at this point, that the sun will return to this god forsaken place.
8. we ditch the beach idea and go to honolulu's best museum, only to find its best exhibit closed until 2009 (!), and the only nice hall that is open has its fire alarm going off at random intervals, causing us to get used to the quiet and then be bombarded by noise all of a sudden. wow, foiled at every turn!
9. so we just give up and eat at mcdonalds - which just proves even further that we are at a low low point
10. we get up extra early the next day to get a rental car because the bus system has failed us so miserably, only to wait 30 minutes for one bus and an hour and a half for the other, causing a four hour commute to the rental car place
11. when finally getting to the rental car place, and are greeted with "the aloha spirit" - everyone shakes our hands and introduces themselves. We think that maybe our luck will change at this point. So of coarse, they charge us an extra $40 that wasn't on the original online order, and then fight with us for 40 minutes before taking off half of it as if they are doing us some huge favor.
12. we drive from the rental car place to our hostel in 10 minutes, just making out 4 hour commute on the way there even more obviously horrendous.
13. trying the beach yet again and being shut down hard by the rain and clouds
14. maybe the sunny desert side of the island will not fail us? we drive to this side, only to find power lines down on the only highway in and out of this side of the island, we sit in traffic for two hours to get there
15. only to find all the beaches there filled with homeless shanty towns and ominous locals, very nice! thanks hawaii, super classy!
16. finding one partly cloudy beach at the far end of the island that is closed, but we sneak into, to find a lifeguard who makes us sit in the litter-infested part of the sand so no one can see that we are on the beach and will follow us.
17. the sun on this beach lasted 45 minutes (btw, alex spent 35 of those minutes putting on sunblock, ha!)
18. sustaining the same traffic jam on the way out, and as we sit in the car, the sun comes out and now we are stinking hot and sitting in this traffic jam and staring at the beautiful blue water that we wish we were in.
19. rain, rain, rain and wind and storms ruining everything else we planned to do.

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String said...

That just proves you should've come to Miami. Just last week I went to Nikki Beach; an out door restaurant where you sit on white canopy beds right on the sand that are shaded by palm trees. This weekend the world's largest art show is happening on Miami Beach and the weather's perfect. Next weekend I'm driving up to Orlando, Florida (about a 4 hour drive) to go to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventures theme parks. Yep, you should visit. :)
I do hope things do get better for you guys. But on the other hand, you are experiencing "nature", just no the "nature" that you wanted.