Thursday, March 27, 2008

mystery in the mezquita

walking in a trance in the continued movement of my feet on the ground, i imagined a type of prayer that didnt rely on looking skywards. it inhabits the earth, looking to your own senses for enlightenment.

the mezquita in granada was built for this kind of prayer. in an unprecedented design, this mosque was built in an expanse of horizontal space, not vertical. the plethora of arches overhead meant to simulate the dizzy shadows of desert trees, the garden an oasis. it was meant to bring attention to its inhabitants life on earth, the use of your own body in space to create prayer.

so, i walked the halls of the mezquita (what wasnt ruined by its later christian inhabitants), and prayed and listened to the sound of my own feet taking me across space, felt the soft wind on my cheeks from my movement and through this horizontal movement i transcended my place in space and time and if only for a moment i found god in those endless halls.

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