Tuesday, March 11, 2008

sleepy in london

The flight to London would have been my most ritzy flight yet (British Airways), with classical music, new digital technology and food and comfort, but -- even though there were a plethora of free seats available with more room -- the guy who sat next to alex and i did not leave his seat. not only did he not leave his seat, cramming alex and i into a tiny space with his wide elbow stance, he also left his overhead light on the entire flight, even while he was asleep. great. so I got no sleep on the flight and when I noticed the sun rising over the clouds I knew my day would not be a meaningful one.

I have spent most of my day today trying to stay awake, falling asleep in both the British museum and the national gallery, and being asked to not be a public vagabond in this way politely by some older staff members. I must seem like i am on drugs, my eyes rolling back into my head while trying to acknowledge their authority.

London is expensive. Really, too expensive for me to do anything worthwhile. So, on to morocco, the land of plenty for the penny-pinching traveller.

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